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steridata-data-loggerSteriData Logger Paperless Sterilizer Cycle Printer

Now Available for most Autoclave Models

Duraline Systems, Inc. is proud to launch a new device for autoclaves that will record and save all data cycles digitally, as a paperless alternative to paper autoclave printers.

The SteriData™ Logger paperless printer is very easy to use: just plug it into your autoclave and sterilize as normal. Every time you run a cycle, the SteriData™ Logger will assign a unique sterilization cycle ID, save it with a date and time stamp, and record the temperature and pressure. This is automatic. As long as the device is plugged into the autoclave, the cycle data will be saved to the SD card, which is included. When you want to backup the data or review it, just plug the SD card into your computer and open the text file

Advantages of the SteriData™ Logger paperless printer versus autoclave printers:
  • Reduce cost: Eliminate buying paper and ink ribbons.
  • Less time consuming: Continuously records every cycle, up to 15 years’ worth of data! No more downtime due to running out of ink / paper! (We recommend changing the SD card annually).
  • No noise: Quietly records cycle data, no more printer noise.
  • Easier record archiving: Save and back-up records on a computer, no need to store piles of paper receipts.
  • SteriData™ Logger just sits silently on top of autoclave and works automatically. So small, quiet and easy to maintain you might forget it's there.

Buy the SteriData™ Logger On Sale Now for the SAME cost of a new printer, without the headaches!
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