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Top 10 Sterilizers in Dental Offices

Dental offices are often low on space, so tabletop autoclaves are a great way to sterilize a lot of instruments without taking up much room. To keep patients healthy and safe, dental offices sterilize dental instruments and lab equipment using an autoclave’s high temperature steam.

Some dental practices also use dry heat sterilizers to eliminate any moisture inside its chamber. The sterilization process is usually quick, typically ranging from six to thirty minutes. Autoclaves and sterilizers are frequently used for infection control, so it’s essential to pick from the top sterilizer brands in the industry.

The sterilization experts, Duraline Systems, have compiled a list of the top ten sterilizers for dental offices:

  1. Tuttnauer 1730 Manual Valueklave: You’ll enjoy Tuttnauer’s manual steam autoclave because despite its small size and cost, the Tuttnauer 1730 is able to sterilize your equipment thoroughly and quickly. For additional savings, consider the refurbished Tuttnauer 1730 Valueklave. If you need a basic, small manual sterilizer, this is the autoclave for you.

  2. Tuttnauer EZ11Plus: If you enjoyed the EZ series, you’ll really appreciate this EZPlus’s additional features which include a newly designed EZGlide door, 19.8" deep chamber, an EZView multi-color display, a USB port and a network port for remote monitoring.

  3. Tuttnauer 3870M Manual Autoclave: The Tuttenauer 3870M autoclave needs more room than our previous picks, and for good reason! It can fit 15 full size IMS cassettes as well as an assortment of small dental instruments. In addition, all of the 3870s come with a stand so that you can save on counter space.

  4. Ritter/Midmark M9 Ultraclave: A midsize M9 ultraclave is great for a dental office because it lets you know when it has finished its cycle by automatically opening the door! This also has the purpose of letting out steam from the chamber.

  5. Ritter/Midmark M11D Autoclave: This beautiful steam autoclave is 11" x 18" which means it is still a medium size autoclave, but has much more room. With four trays, it is an inch larger than the Tuttnauer EZ10.

  6. The StatIM 2000: The cassette sterilizer by SciCan is a favorite in the healthcare industry because of its rapid results that no other similar sterilizer has been able to outperform.

  7. The StatIM 5000: Like its smaller version, the StatIM 5000 is a part of the StatIM Classic series that has been discontinued. With twice the height of the 2000, expect to get even more equipment sterilized with the same quick load cycle times. If you need to get through multiple loads a day, this is a great option.

  8. Pelton & Crane Delta XL8 Autoclave: For Pelton and Crane autoclave loyalists, the XL8 autoclave is perfect for those who like the Ritter M9 and Tuttnauer EZ9 but want a Pelton and Crane version. The automatic sterilizer has an 8.25" x 15" chamber for a smaller dental practice.

  9. Pelton & Crane Delta Q10 Autoclave: The next size up in the Pelton and Crane sterilizer family, this autoclave chamber is 9.8" x 17.5". Similar in size to the Tuttnauer EZ10 it is the latest version of the Delta Q series.

  10. Sterident 200 Dry Heat Sterilizer: Sterident sterilizers are widely popular because the dry heat sterilizer destroys harmful bacteria without using steam. They prove their versatility by effortlessly drying wet packs and sterilizing equipment without dulling your dental instruments. Additionally, dry heat sterilizers don’t need routine cleaning like steam autoclaves do.

The need for proper dental sterilization has never been greater. Duraline Systems is committed to helping you protect your staff and patients from contamination through our sterilizers, repairs, parts and testing services. Contact us today for more information on our new and refurbished sterilizers today.