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The StopLight Effect

Red: Deposit Waste Supplies

Red Means Stop! Do not use any instruments in red. This signal to "STOP" is reinforced on all Biohazard Waste Disposal Products. Since this step comes first in Sterilization, it is on the left side of the Sterilization Center.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stresses the need to safely dispose of all waste and equipment in sharps containers and in hazardous bags to prevent transmitting of germs: "Puncture-resistant containers located at the point of use (e.g., sharps containers) are used as containment for discarded slides or tubes with small amounts of blood, scalpel blades, needles and syringes, and unused sterile sharps.967 To prevent needlestick injuries, needles and other contaminated sharps should not be recapped, purposefully bent, or broken by hand. CDC has published general guidelines for handling sharps
(CDC, 2003, para 3).[1]

Duraline Systems Product Catalog opens with items that fall into the Red category of Biohazard. This includes but it not limited to Sharps Containers, Latex Exam Gloves and Biohazardous Infectious Waste Bags. Shop Biohazard Waste Disposal Supplies online here.