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The StopLight Effect

Duraline Systems, Inc provides Clean-To-Sterile Solutions. It's not just about Sterilizers. It's about the the complete process an instrument goes through in between use. The instruments must be properly cleaned with high-level disinfectants, soaked in instrument trays, washed in ultrasonic cleaners or washer disinfectors with wash monitors, wrapped and pouched to prevent any contamination, and then sterilized. This process is reinforced by Duraline's SteriLine Sterilization Center, which allows instruments to easily flow step-by-step through the entire Cleaning & Sterilization Cycle. SteriLine is color coded with Red on the Left, Yellow in the Middle, and Green on the Right.
So what the StopLight Effect mean?

Red is "STOP!"

When an instrument is in the "Red" Color area, it is hazardous and needs to be decontaminated. We use the StopLight Effect to indicate STOP! Do not use. This is for Biohazard and Waste Materials. Products include Biohazard Infectious Waste Bags, Exam Gloves and Sharps Containers. Clean-to-Sterile Solutions start with the proper removal of infectious waste. Read more about the Red step of The StopLight Effect here.

Yellow is "SLOW!"

Instruments in the "Yellow" area are in the middle of the Sterilization cycle. They have completed the initial cleaning stages but are still being prepped for sterilization.This includes the slow and careful attention to detail with proper labeling, sterilization wraps, instrument pouches and trays, and sterilization id labeling system. Read more about the Yellow step of the StopLight Effect here.

Green is "GO!"

When instruments complete the "Green Cycle," it means "GO!" Green is to indicate that they are safe to be used. The full Clean-To-Sterile process has been completed. Products in the final stages of Sterilization include but are not limited to Sterilizers, Steam Autoclaves, Dry Heat Sterilizers, EO Gas Sterilizers, Autoclave Cleaners, Autoclave Parts and Trays. Autoclave Printers keep detailed records of each sterilization cycle with date and time stamps and can alert you if an instrument did not complete sterilization. We recommend the SteriData Logger, the Digital Printer, which is available for multiple brands and autoclaves. Read More about the Green step of the StopLight Effect here.

Any instruments not in green should not be used! This is to make it easy for staff to know what stage each piece of equipment is in of the sterilization cycle.

Duraline has made it easy to shop for The StopLight Effect, to reinforce the sterilization process with staff and to help protect the public. All of our products included in the Biohazard Category are in the Red Phase of the StopLight Effect. Products in the Yellow Phase include Instrument Cleaning and Labeling & Storage. All of our Sterilizers, Autoclaves, Autoclave Cleaners, Printers & Trays are in the Final Stages of Sterilization, the Green Phase. To make you're shopping easier, we have also organized our Product Catalog in this way, with the borders of each page indicating Red, Yellow or Green. View the complete catalog below.