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The StopLight Effect

Yellow: Cleaning to Packaging

Yellow means Slow! Proceed with Caution! Instruments in the Yellow Phase of the Sterilization Cycle must be thoroughly cleaned, disnfected, wrapped, labeled and prepped for Sterilization. Since this step comes second, after all the bio-hazardous waste has been properly disposed of, it is in the center of the SteriLine Sterilization Center.

If It's Not Clean, It Can't Be Sterilized.
Are you monitoring your cleaning process? Be sure to include WashChecks Monitors in Ultrasonic Cleaners and Instrument Washer Disinfectors to make sure they are functioning properly.

Proper Enzymatic Cleaners such as Empower Foam Enzymatic Spray or "milk" can be used to clean away tissue, blood and other protein-rich body fluids. Self-straining or clear instrument soaking trays maximize results when used with High-Level Disinfectants by brands such as Metrex.

Duraline recommends you carefully organize and label all equipment prior to sterilization to save time and money in the long wrong and to guarantee your instruments are 100% sterile. If equipment isn't packaged efficiently, it may result in wet packs or holes in your sterilization wraps. Then all those instruments will have to go back to the Red phase and start the entire Sterilization Cycle again.

For optimal results, we recommend Class 4 Sterilization Pouches with exterior and interior Class 4 Chemical Indicators for Time, Temperature, & Pressure.

Labelex is a very popular Sterilization I.D. Labeling system. Many facilities color-code their Labelex Label Dispensers for each autoclave, making it easier to track and identify instruments. Our unique Autoclave Labels offer many style and color options and come in both Single-Ply or Dual-Ply Adhesive, depending on your needs.

Duraline Systems Product Catalog sorts Yellow Phase products into: Cleaning Supplies, Ultrasonic Cleaners & Monitoring, Instrument Washers & Monitoring, Autoclave Wraps, Instrument Pouches, Tubing & Tape, and Sterilization I.D. Tracking Labels.