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The StopLight Effect

Green: Sterilization to Storage

Green means "GO!"
All instruments that complete the Green phase of Sterilization should be ready to go and safe to use, completely de-contaminated and sterile. Since Green is the third and final phase of the Sterilization Process, it is on the right side of the SteriLine Sterilization Center.

The Most Critical part of "Clean To Sterile"
Are you caring for your Sterilizer? Simple tips such as where to place your sterilizer can make a big difference in protecting and extending the lifetime of your equipment.
Autoclaves should be placed on flat, level surfaces without anything resting directly on top of them. Be sure to clean your autoclave regularly with Duraclean Autoclave Cleaner, at least every 30 cycles or once a month. The best way to take care of your Sterilizer is to read its Operators Manual in its entirety, as manufacturers list out best practices for each machine model. Duraline Systems has all Operators Manuals posted on our website for your convenience. Read How To Care For Your Autoclave.

To make the final stages of the Sterilization process easy and guarantee results, Duraline Systems offers the complete product selection of New and Refurbished Sterilizers. Read more about how we refurbish sterilizers in our Duraline shop online.

Our top brands of Steam Autoclaves include Tuttnauer, Midmark/Ritter Ultraclaves, SciCan Statim Cassette Sterilizers, and Class B Pre-Post Vac Autoclaves. Duraline even has Large Capacity Autoclaves such as Tuttnauer 3870 models and Steris-Amsco.

To keep sterilizer equipment at top quality performance and to extend the lifetime value of your sterilizer, Duraline Systems has a complete Repair Center and Preventative Maintenance Service Plans. We recommend annual or bi-annual maintenance and will inspect, test and calibrate your sterilizers. We even have the full-line of Sterilizer Replacement Parts, Accessories, Trays, Racks, Gaskets, Filters and more. For proper record keeping and sterilization cycle monitoring, we recommend SteriData Logger, the digital autoclave printer equipped with cord and SD card.

Duraline Systems Product Catalog organizes the Green Phase by New & Refurbished Sterilizers, Sterilizer Parts, Replacements and Accessories. To complete The StopLight Effect in our catalog is the full preview of SteriLine Sterilization Center. To request a hard copy of our catalog, please fill out the form here or call us 1-877-561-0500