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New RapidHeat RH-Pro11 High-Velocity Hot Air Sterilizer

New RH-Pro11 High-Velocity Hot Air Sterilizers

Product Code: RH-PRO11

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New RapidHeat RH-Pro11 High-Velocity Hot Air Sterilizer by CPAC - The perfect replacement for the now discontinued Dentronix Sterilizer. Accommodates Dentronix plier racks!

WARRANTY: 3 year parts & labor

Chamber air circulates at over 200 times per minute!

A proven advancement in “RapidCycle” sterilization, the RH-Pro11 sterilizer will raise your level of sterilization efficiency. Using Cutting-Edge HVHA (High-Velocity Hot Air) technology, the RH-Pro11 provides the fastest instrument turnaround of any FDA-Cleared sterilization technology. No steam or water means no lengthy drying cycle with longer instrument life free of corrosion.

For Healthcare, the RH-Pro11 can Eliminate Immediate-Use Steam Sterilization, shortened cycles, work-arounds, and Joint Commission scrutiny!

The RapidHeat RH-Pro11 Advantage:
  • FDA-Cleared 6 Minute Cycles (Unwrapped)
  • FDA-Cleared 12 Minute Cycles (Wrapped)
  • Large Table-Top Capacity (2295 Cubic Inches)
  • Uses 85% Less Energy Than Steam
  • Non-Corrosive Sterilizer Environment
  • Full 3-Year Warranty
  • Waterless Sterilization with No Chemicals
  • Greater Capacity -- Four Large Trays
  • Handles Small and Large Cassettes
Compare RapidHeat vs. Steam Sterilization

Sterilizer Feature RapidHeat Steam
Start to Finished Sterilization Cycle 12-20 minutes 61-116 minutes
Sterilizer Operation
Simple Complex
Water Requirements None Distilled Water
FDA 510(k) Cleared Yes Yes
Cycle Documentation Yes Yes
Instrument Drying Cycle None FDA Required
Potential for Instrument Corrosion None High
Energy Use (kWh/cycle) $0.11/cycle $0.74/cycle
Maintenance and Repair Cost $0.80/cycle $6.00/cycle

Start to finish cycle represents the time range for sterilizing unwrapped, pouched and wrapped (cassette/tray) instruments from cold start to finish (includes dry cycle for steam).
Sterilizer Operation reflects the level of sterilizer preparation and management for instrument processing.
Potential for instrument Corrosion is absent in the dry environment pf a RapidHeat sterilizer and high for instruments in a steam environment.
Energy Use represents kilowatts of power used per hour when operating a sterilizer cycle. This study was conducted by the Rochester Institute of Technolofy comparing RapidHeat to 2 popular tabletop steam sterilizers.
Maintenance and Repair Cost is based on actual reported costs and estimated over useful life.

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